Rand Paul’s vaccine trutherism is paranoid, not libertarian

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Even libertarians believe that government is necessary to protect you from your fellow citizens.
rick perry brokeback

CNBC calls out Rick Perry for comparing gays to “alcoholics”

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CNBC host: “It just seems like the Republican party is going to forever behind the curve on issues like this.”

CNBC and the ambling penis (video)

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I wish I could say it was the first time CNBC gave air time to a dick.

CNBC pulls video of Elizabeth Warren smacking down anchor over Glass-Steagall

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CNBC had YouTube yank a video Elizabeth Warren had posted to her official Senate account, that had gone viral.
rich guy 1% cnbc bankers wall street

CNBC asks, is income inequality really so bad? (Hint: Yes)

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I suppose CNBC’s ongoing freak-show makes for good TV (with a certain crowd). But are they good for America?
Rich 1%

Not missing a beat, CNBC launches next assault on “entitlements”

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The pampered class has done quite well, including their runaway defense spending, tax cuts and federal bailouts.
Rick Santelli melts down

CNBC host Rick Santelli melts down on cam over taxing the 1% (video)

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The bridesmaid of the 1% is vewy vewy upset that the President is trying to raise taxes on the rich.

CNBC is now the Conspiracy News Broadcasting Channel

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CNBC has given up actual business news, in lieu of conspiracy theories taking down President Obama.

Godfather of Tea Party loses it on CNBC over improving jobs numbers

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The Godfather of the Tea Party, Rick Santelli, goes nuts on CNBC while defending Jack Welch’s anti-Obama jobs-conspiracy.
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