Chomsky on the intersection between climate, deep state, and rule by the rich

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Obama: “America is producing more oil today than at any time in the last eight years.” So you’re the climate perp.

Neoliberalism, “just deserts” and the post–climate crisis economy

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From “just deserts” neoliberalism to climate solutions, it’s one straight line. Read why.
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Two major pro-Keystone unions donate to anti-union US Chamber of Commerce

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Which two unions are both pro-Keystone and anti-union?

Climate crisis: Our government is captured by billionaires; the solution is civil disobedience

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The real cause of climate change is the billionaires who have taken over our government.

Climate change deniers are in full cry in anticipation of new UN report

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The climate deniers are now claiming there’s a global warming “pause.” They’re wrong, as usual. Here’s why.

Climate crisis: Why we’re on track for 7°C (12°F) warming or greater by 2100

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The third part in our series, Climate Crisis, the View from 10,000 Feet. 7°C warming triggers mass extinction.

Obama’s new climate plan: Less coal, more fracking

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The bottom line is that there’s good news (less coal) & bad news (more fracking) in Obama’s climate change plan.

A Primer – What’s in a “Tar Sands” Pipeline?

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So when they talk of a “tar sand” pipeline accident, it’s not an oil spill – it’s more of an arsenic spill.

House vote today to take Keystone Pipeline decision out of Obama’s hands

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The Keystone Pipeline game could be over before our side even takes the field.
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