Someone’s going around burning black churches in St. Louis like nobody’s business

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Setting fire to black churches is so common in this country that we have a specific law addressing it.

The case for keeping religious tax exemptions is astonishingly weak

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It’s well past time to get rid of religious tax exemptions.

Pew: LGB Americans much less religious than heterosexuals

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Persecuting a group of people for centuries makes them less likely to share your values or beliefs. Go figure.
book of mormon mormons

Mormon Sunday school teacher fired for citing official Mormon website on race

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has a dodgy past when it comes to race. According to the Book of Mormon, people with dark skin are the descendants of the Lamanites, ...

Pastor denies new church intended to look like giant penis from space

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Christian Scientists deny new church in Dixon, Illinois was built to resemble penis when viewed from Google Maps.

Hot Russian church official: Shut up & respect our freedom of speech

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It’s seriously time for a little girl from Kansas to drop a house on these people.
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