NFL hopeful says team scout asked him if he “likes girls”

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The NFL continues to have a problem with homophobia, but does it care? Doesn’t look like it.

Chris Culliver apologizes for saying gays should get out of NFL, PR flak blames gays

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So which one is it? Did Chris Culliver speak poorly, or are gays to blame for misinterpreting his words?

49ers suspended player 1 month ago for criticizing team, coach. No suspension today for Culliver attacking gays.

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The 49ers need to explain why insulting a coach is a bigger offense than insulting millions of gay-Americans.
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San Francisco 49ers issue weak statement over Chris Culliver’s call for gays to quit NFL

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49ers don’t apologize in bizarre statement, outline no disciplinary action against Culliver.

SF NFL player Chris Culliver uses Super Bowl event to tell gays to get out of NFL

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San Francisco 49ers issue lame non-statement that doesn’t even apologize for what Culliver said.
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