Even Chick-fil-A not anti-gay enough for conservatives anymore

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A local franchise is sponsoring an LGBT Christian film festival. Cue the pitchforks.

Graphic video, animal rights group says Chick-fil-A abuses chickens

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Video shows chickens violently thrown into storage areas, often by their wings and legs; others scalded alive.

Jesusland to gorge itself in support of Duck Dynasty

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Nothing woos soccer moms and millennials like making Charlie Manson’s younger brother your party’s new posterboy.
Lindsay Graham chick-fil-a

GOP turns to “Chick-fil-A model” to woo younger voters. Seriously.

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Because nothing says “the youth vote” like Bible-thumping anti-gay bigots.
Angry egg

Did Chick-fil-A lie to Chicago alderman?

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First they were funding hate groups, then they weren’t. Now it seems they are yet again.
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