Henry Waxman will support Chained CPI in trade for “things we want”

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Henry Waxman will sell out Chained CPI. How did we find out? A reader asked him — and then reported back.

Chained CPI, a tale of the Rich and the Rest

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Only the wealthy want to cut Social Security with Chained CPI. The rest of us want benefits to expand.
Class war Kitty social security benefits medicare seniors

9 Chained CPI facts they don’t want you to know

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Chained CPI — not just a benefit cut to Social Security, but a tax hike too.

“If you’re afraid of Republicans gaining power, you have to stop Obama” & his benefit cuts

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It’s a horrible day when stopping Republicans means stopping Obama, but we didn’t cause this — he did.

How Obama’s budget threatens Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

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A look at the planned cuts to benefits, and a reminder of why each is a bad idea.

Is “liberal” Sen. Amy Klobuchar pushing Obama’s Grand Bargain cuts?

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Does Sen. Amy Klobuchar support Chained CPI, gutting Social Security? Ask her at 202-224-3244.

Sequester news: Pelosi again onboard with “Chained CPI”; HR 900 now has 26 cosponsors

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The division among House Democrats on the Sequester and benefit cuts widens.

Chained CPI is not just bait; Obama actually “prefers” it

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Barack “Grand Cuts” Obama is eager for chained CPI and benefit cuts. Will his hubris be his undoing?

Did Sen. Schumer walk back support for a “Chained CPI” Social Security cut?

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Was it Schumer’s mistake or a reporter’s? Either way, chained CPI is back for discussion.

What a call to courage sounds like: Woody Guthrie’s “Union Maid”

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Woodie Guthrie says stand strong and together. (Psst, there’s more than one kind of union…)
fiscal cliff

Obama offers a scaled-down budget plan to avert ‘fiscal cliff’

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It all comes down to John Boehner’s strategy, and Harry Reid’s goals.
Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi caves on Chained CPI: “I consider it a strengthening of Social Security”

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Pelosi has caved to Obama, but other House members are standing strong, so far.
Catfood chart for Chained CPI

Why Chained CPI is a “catfood proposal”

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Chained CPI affects every single beneficiary — widows, orphans, people with disabilities veterans, many others.
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