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Wall Street Journal editor endorses boycott of Trump White House over media censorship

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On CNN’s Reliable Sources this morning, Bret Stephens, the deputy editorial page editor of the Wall Street Journal, suggested that the media should boycott the Trump White House ...

Federal social media nerds are fighting back against Donald Trump

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Social media managers with various federal agencies, and Merriam-Webster, are fighting back against Trump.

Russian OIympic head wants to ban political opinions at Sochi

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While Canadian IOC member Dick Pound says Russia’s anti-gay law isn’t all that bad.

Doorman: “We would never get a tip from Mr. Koch”

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Part 3 of my three-part series on GOP billionaire activist David Koch.

Michigan mom says “Diary of Anne Frank” too sexual for 7th grade

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Because nothing says “teaching kids about the Nazis” like censoring books.

CPAC bans mention of “the gay” to conference chairman

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Regarding CPAC chair: “No one, no one is to talk to him or be allowed to talk to him about GOProud.”

Tell Blue Coat to stop helping its customers ban gay and trans Web sites

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Please sign our joint petition with GLAAD telling Blue Coat to stop helping their customers ban gay sites.
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DOD using same Blue Coat Internet censor as Syria, Saudi Arabia and likely Burma

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Blue Coat technology is blocking US troops from reading gay and progressive news Web sites and blogs.
Pentagon Press Secretary George Little

DOD to investigate complaints that gay blogs, news sites are censored on Pentagon computers

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DOD acknowledged tonight that “some sites may have unnecessarily been blocked.” And they’re looking into it.
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