Chris Christie is a bad Catholic

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Chris Christie said earlier today that he’s used birth control, “and not just the rhythm method.”

Catholic school fires longtime teacher after parents find out she’s in a same-sex marriage

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The school has received public funding, likely voiding a religious exemption in the local anti-discrimination law.

Catholic group treats being anti-gay as the new gay in insanely offensive ad

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It didn’t take long for the perfect response video to emerge.

Pope Francis blocking French ambassador’s appointment over his sexual orientation

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The Catholic Church’s rebrand appears to be all bark and no bite.
marco rubio

Marco Rubio says Pope Francis isn’t for “freedom”

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Rubio — who has been Catholic, Baptist and Mormon — is upset that the US is normalizing relations with Cuba.

Catholic, Episcopal leaders in Liberia: Ebola is God’s punishment for “penetrating homosexualism”

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Local church leaders say God gave Liberia Ebola as punishment for its “penetrating homosexualism.”

Catholic Cardinal calls gay US ambassador nominee a “faggot”

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Catholic Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez of the Dominican Republica called James Brewster a “faggot.”
Catholic priest in handcuffs pedophilia sex abuse child

LA Catholic archdiocese considering “massive” fundraiser to pay for child-rape settlements

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Considering the Catholic church has yet to come clean about the serial rape of kids, why would anyone donate?

Boy Scouts, GOP face same dilemma: How do you shake your bigoted base?

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Americans are increasingly finding the Boy Scouts’ bigotry, and their mere existence, a quaint anachronism.
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