Comcast CEO paid $30m last year – now you know why you pay $200 a month

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Want to guess why your Comcast cable and Internet costs nearly $200 a month for no-frills service?

Every time a judge frees a black man or a gay, Carly Fiorina kills a kitten

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Please, think of the kittens.
Carly Fiorina

Failed CEO Carly Fiorina, with $40m retirement package, says union pensions too high

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After being fired from HP with a $40m severance, failed CEO Carly Fiorina says unions pensions are too high.

A $20 million golden parachute can buy a great hair stylist

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Or can it? Either way, it does bring back the issue of Fiorina’s wealth that comes courtesy of a handsome payout when she was fired from HP. How many Americans can really relate ...
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