Mormons/GOP ask Sup Ct to stop gay marriages in Utah… for sake of the gays

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Sometimes love is a fist. The GOP Mormons actually told the Sup. Ct. to disallow gay marriage to spare us pain.
Supreme Court on the day they heard Bush v. Gore (photo by John Aravosis)

Obama files Prop 8 brief endorsing “limited” gay marriage right

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Obama urged Supreme Court to overturn California‚Äôs gay marriage ban, but didn’t call for the right nationwide.

Mormons join religious right bigots in filing brief in support of Prop 8

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Militant Mormons promised to stop the gay-bashing. They lied.
gay marriage

NYT calls on Obama to file brief in Prop 8 case

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The President is going to face increasing pressure to file a brief in the Prop 8 case. This isn’t going away.

Carney shuts down WH press conference after being asked about Prop 8 case

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Chorus grows louder for Obama administration to weigh in on Prop 8 case before Supreme Court.
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