No, Dionne Warwick, Black Americans shouldn’t avoid the Covid vaccine

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There is a difference between understanding, and sympathizing with, why many African Americans are leery of a Covid vaccine, and choosing to reinforce those fears. Like with many things ...

Former head of KKK David Duke has more black support than Trump

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Former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan is polling higher with American blacks than Donald Trump.

The “conventional” racism of Richard Cohen

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The Wash Post columnist’s recent op ed on race and the Republican party is really beyond the pale.

Blistering Cornel West on Obama’s war against the black prophetic tradition

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West: Obama is the ideological heir of Booker T. Washington, a black accommodationist, a shell of a man.

Weekend thoughts: Cornel West and Tavis Smiley on Obama 2013

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Cornel West’s & Tavis Smiley’s critique of Obama and some black media hosts from within the black community.
Six or Eight Black men, Dutch Christmas

Maine GOP chair: “I play basketball every Sunday with a black guy”

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“When you see a lot of people who are black, like six or eight… people, you think, ‘Wow, where do they live?'”
black voter rally politics

Binders full of black voters terrorize GOP in Maine

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Nothing is more dangerous than a black man (or woman) with a vote.
Colin Powell

Romney surrogate: Powell supported Obama because he’s black

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More subtle bigotry from the Romney campaign, which hasn’t flinched from playing the race card.

Preacher blasts gays, then suddenly… (video)

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This video has gone super-viral, for good reason – just watch.
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