Next week, the Republicans will gut your work health insurance

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There’s a lot of confusion about the new Republican health care plan, simply because they’re refusing to release it. In the US House, they kept it secret until literally ...

CBO: 23 million lose insurance under House GOP health bill

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The Congressional Budget Office analysis of the Republican health care bill passed recently by the US House of Representatives, shows that 23 million people will lose health insurance ...
gop health care caucus

No girls allowed: New Senate GOP health care caucus is all white men

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There are five women in the US Senate Republican caucus. But you wouldn’t know it by looking at the make-up of the new GOP health care working group, responsible for coming up ...
Brian Mast

Flori-duh: GOP Rep. Brian Mast can’t explain his Obamacare repeal vote

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Vying for the title of dumbest congressmen ever, Republican Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) was at pains yesterday to explain to CNN’s Manu Raju how he knew that the House Obamacare repeal ...
Tom MacArthur

TrumpCare architect lost daughter, left with $1m medical bills, then took away your health care

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The chief architect of TrumpCare is Republican Congressman Tom MacArthur (R-NJ). His legislation, passed by the US House yesterday, could cost 24 million Americans their health insurance, ...

CBO: House GOP Obamacare repeal saves $3 billion by killing people early

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Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler discovered an interesting tidbit buried in the Congressional Budget Office analysis of the earlier House GOP Obamacare repeal bill, that isn’t ...

Don’t get mad, get even. Donate to the opponents of Republicans who voted to repeal Obamacare

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Republicans in the US House of Representatives have just voted to gut Obamacare, and make your health insurance so expensive that many Americans would no longer be able to afford insurance. ...

TrumpCare could gut employer health plans as well

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A new analysis from the Brookings Institution explains that TrumpCare, which is on the verge of passing in the US House, won’t just decimate health coverage for people with pre-existing ...

Before Obamacare, you couldn’t get insurance if you had any of these conditions

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Kaiser compiled an interesting list of conditions — pre-existing conditions — that could get you denied for health insurance before passage of Obamacare, aka the Affordable ...
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