Brokaw blasts banksters angry about Obama win: “Yeah, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for them.”

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“The fact is, they’ve done pretty well in the last four years, all things considered.”

Andy Cobb’s hysterical election coverage from Ohio (video)

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Andy finds multi-hour lines to vote in black neighborhoods and no lines at all in white ones. Imagine that!
Obama victory speech

President Obama’s victory speech (video)

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Video of President Obama’s 2012 election victory speech.

OBAMA WINS! Romney reportedly phones Obama to concede.

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FOX: “There is still a thin path for him to get there…”

State-by-state election analysis: Cliff Schecter and Jay Ackroyd on Virtually Speaking

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It’s election day at last. Here’s an excellent state-by-state and race-by-race analysis from Virtually Speaking.

Romney’s plan to steal the election

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Team Romney is reportedly already planning to challenge an Obama electoral, but not popular, vote victory.

It’s illegal to sell alcohol in South Carolina & Kentucky on election day

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Only two states are still holding on to Prohibition Era laws banning drinking on election day.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to vote Republican

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Paul Ryan closes by letting racist, white Americans know that Obama is black, foreign, and not very Christian.

Cher and Kathy Griffin: Don’t let Mitt turn back time on women

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Kathy Griffin: “This is Cher, bitches. Do what she says.”
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