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No, Dr. Jill Biden isn’t too educated

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Illegitimate, unworthy, arrogant, whore. Like clockwork, a new Democratic administration faces a Republican party re-energized at the prospect of demonizing yet another Democratic woman ...
Simon Rosenberg, photo by Mee-lar.

How Biden and the Democrats can, and must, improve their messaging

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On today’s show, we talk to longtime friend Simon Rosenberg about the importance of Democratic messaging, and exactly how Democrats should go about improving their messaging as ...

David Roberts on Trump’s continuing election steal

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Writer David Roberts, author of the new newsletter, joins us to talk about the latest ramifications of Trump’s election steal. It was a fun conversation. This is one ...

Will there ever be a gay Cabinet secretary?

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There has never been an openly-gay (or transgender, for that matter) US Cabinet secretary. And it’s not clear that we’re getting one now. Why does it even matter? Read on. Over ...

The Covid Pietà

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Americans aren’t “hardened” to Coronavirus deaths. For most of us, the deaths were never real in the first place. Sure, if you lived in New York City, you probably knew people ...

What can we expect from Biden’s first year in the presidency?

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In today’s patron-only show, we invited Politico contributor, and new podcaster, Bill Scher back to talk about Biden’s first year in the presidency, what it means for ...

Obama vs The Squad

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Democratic US House Representatives Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the newest member of AOC’s Democratic Socialist bloc, Cori Bush, are pushing back against President ...

Trans 101: An introduction to transgender issues, with guest Dana Beyer

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My longtime friend and colleague, Dana Beyer, who is a trans woman, joins us to talk about all things transgender. Cliff and I approached this episode from the perspective that there ...

Student loan forgiveness should include those whose debt is already paid

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A proposal for Joe Biden to forgive a portion of student loans — perhaps up to $50,000 per person — has been gaining ground since the election. I’m all for it, so long as we include ...
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