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Cryptocurrency trading at Robinhood: A Review

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A friend recently asked me what platform I used to buy and sell crypto, and why. I told him: Robinhood. And figured it might make an interesting column explaining why.
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Everything you wanted to know about Obamacare

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On today’s show we have Charles Gaba, the editor of ACASignups, one of the top Web sites out there for detailed data about the Affordable Care Act, aka ACA, aka Obamacare. ...

Republicans panic over Chauvin conviction

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I’ve been watching the fallout from the Derek Chauvin verdict. As you know, Chauvin is the police officer convicted on three counts of killing George Floyd after pushing his knee ...

HuffPost DC bureau chief Amanda Terkel joins us to discuss covering Trump vs Biden

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In today’s show, our old friend Amanda Terkel, the DC bureau chief of the Huffington Post — and before that, longtime ThinkProgress guru — joins us to talk about the ...

Food writer Jamie Schler talks food and politics

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In today’s show, French-American cooking writer Jamie Schler joins us to talk baking and politics. We get into the whole Coronavirus situation in Europe, and how things ...
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Republicans twice as likely to be unvaccinated against Covid

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The curse of Trump lives on. A new Monmouth poll shows that Republicans are twice as likely as Democrats to be unvaccinated against Covid. The survey found that 67% of Democrats ...

Fox News outrageously claims Covid vaccines may not work at all

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Just when you thought that Fox News couldn’t go any lower, last night Fox host Tucker Carlson suggested that: Covid vaccines — all of them — may not even work at all; ...

Donald Trump’s Insurrection Resurrection

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In today’s show, we talk about the ongoing effort of the GOP to rewrite the history of the January 6h Insurrection, while rehabilitating Donald Trump and his role in the bloody ...

Joe Manchin wants us to let the Insurrectionists win.

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In today’s podcast, we discuss conservative-Democratic Senator Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) call for Democrats to pander to the Insurrectionists, the latest on Matt Gaetz’s ...
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