Steve Kyle
I teach economics at Cornell University and specialize in macroeconomic policy both in the US and in developing countries. I often travel overseas to do research and consulting in other countries, most recently in Africa and Central Asia. I sometimes wonder how this ever happened, but I guess it is no real surprise after previous careers as a bond trader in the British government bond market, an economist at the World Bank, and a short order cook on the beach in Delaware. My personal obsessions are politics and sailboats so I alternate between being a complete news junkie and being completely unplugged from any media or communications whatever on sailboats wherever there is warm weather. Having grown up overseas in various countries in Latin America I always have a desire to be nearer to palm trees.

Enough with the bashing of the Federal Reserve

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I am tired of all the ignorant Fed-bashing. Sure, they do some things that aren’t what some of us might have chosen, but without their actions over the past 4 years we would be ...

The NYT Goes Pollyanna on Europe

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The New York Times succumbs to the lure of short term happiness in their latest article on the ongoing European self-inflicted Depression, in which the most recent half-measures to ...

The latest on the Euro deathwatch

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Today’s NY Times has an article on the latest efforts by the European Union to keep the Euro intact. It has some useful steps in it, but perpetuates a myth that will eventually ...

Give thanks for the Super Committee fail

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We should all breathe a sigh of relief that the Super Committee seems to have avoided doing further damage to the economy by doing nothing at all. The economy needs action to stimulate ...

The Italian financial crisis, the Euro, and how it may affect America

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Euro photo via Shutterstock Watching the slow motion implosion of the Euro is excruciating. Italy looks like it won’t be able to meet the payments on its outstanding government ...

Economics and politics are intertwined in the Greek crisis

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I’m back!! After 24 years at Cornell, I finally took a sabbatical and took the opportunity (among other things) to do a massive mental reset while engaging in a “politics ...

You Think the Greek Economy is Scary… or ‘Why Spain is Sort of Like Florida’

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Here at AMERICAblog we have higher than the average number of Greek Americans per blog. Though my last name doesn’t show it, I am a proud descendant of a Greek restaurant owner ...

If I owe you a million dollars I’m in trouble

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If I owe you a million dollars I’m in trouble. But if I owe you a trillion dollars then YOU are in trouble. This old banker’s cliche is an accurate description of the US/China ...

Bunning drops filibuster, benefits bill passes 78-19

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GOP Senator Bunning has dropped his filibuster, finally. The final vote to pass the bill was 78-19, a rather extraordinary margin, suggesting that Republicans were not pleased with ...
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