Raghav Sharma
Raghav Sharma is a writer, filmmaker, and political activist studying at the University of Pittsburgh. He writes on electoral and campaign finance issues, foreign policy, and economic affairs.

Black Lives Matter and the definition of terrorism

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So long as society preserves the role of police as arbiters of justified violence, racist brutality will remain.
Brexit protest UK

Brexit: The triumph of passion over reason

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To avoid Brexit, integration must be sold as a passionate political ideal, rather than a “logical” choice.

Why and how to prepare for a President Trump

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We must prepare today if we are to avoid a tomorrow we cannot abide.

The Donald we deserve

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The Trump campaign — in all its bloated glory — is a monstrosity decades in the making.

From Syria to the TPP: The state of state sovereignty

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State sovereignty is a relatively new idea, and it’s fighting a multi-front war for its survival.

The system is working fine

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The system isn’t broken, it’s working exactly as the Founders intended.

Why I don’t use the term “police brutality”

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The term describes the phenomenon, but doesn’t do it justice.

I’m a leftist, and I’m not voting for Bernie

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By running as a Democrat, Sanders undermines his own case for the presidency.

Why We Need Riot Police

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The use of force is only necessary when the consent of the governed is breached.
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