Nick Lehn
Nick Lehn recently received his Masters in Cognitive & Evolutionary Anthropology from the University of Oxford. His favorite topics include anything pertaining to science and society, global politics, social justice, globalization, and technology. Nick recently moved back to his hometown of Baltimore, MD.

Yes, the Human Rights Campaign and Planned Parenthood made establishment endorsements

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Who and when these organizations endorsed suggests that, yes, they are establishment picks.

Redefining masculinity

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“Be a man!” needs to mean much more than it currently does.

A devil went down to Charleston

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Our own racialized responses to a racially-motivated act of terrorism.

War never changes, but the way we take care of our veterans must

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If you want to pay for people to go to war, you have to pay to take care of them when they get home.

White America refuses to understand the death of Freddie Gray

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White America does not understand what’s happening in Baltimore.

Responding to oligarchic corporatism and government surveillance in the 21st Century

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How to understand and live in the world of Big (Government) Data and corporate complicity.
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