Lucas Ropek
Lucas Ropek is a journalist based in Massachusetts. He worked for the Working Families Party in NYC on issues of income inequality and worker rights. His interests include U.S. foreign policy, pop-culture, and freedom fries.

National Intelligence Council: Water wars are coming

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Wars are fought over resources, and the world is running low on its most basic one.

When corporations co-opt social justice, who pays?

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Whatever values are assigned to corporate behavior, the motive is always profit.

Mad Max’s reboot: Feminism and environmentalism as told through explosions

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The dystopian action franchise rights the wrongs of its previous films.

Nestle is closing in on privatized water in Oregon

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The company will make over 99% profit on the water it extracts from one rural community.

American Sniper, back in the crosshairs of controversy

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Clint Eastwood’s blockbuster reprises problems with the “Western” genre of moviemaking.

America is not an honest broker in the Israel-Palestine Conflict

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Actions speak louder than words, and America’s actions show few signs of commitment to a two-state solution.

New Jersey privatizes its water in the worst way possible

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Many New Jerseyans will soon have private water with no public recourse.
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