Lucas Ropek
Lucas Ropek is a journalist based in Massachusetts. He worked for the Working Families Party in NYC on issues of income inequality and worker rights. His interests include U.S. foreign policy, pop-culture, and freedom fries.

Accusations of 9/11 government cover-up trouble U.S.-Saudi relations

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The two parties don’t often agree, but they agree that 9/11 victims’ families shouldn’t be able to sue the Saudis.

Hillary Clinton has foreign policy experience, but that doesn’t mean it’s good

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Hillary Clinton has tons of foreign policy experience, but that experience was largely disastrous.

Nestlé’s plan to bottle water in Oregon just hit a major snag

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Native American tribes and other local residents are doing what they can to block Nestlé’s plan.

Who is responsible for the collapse of the two-state solution?

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One would think that peace would be possible, if only a few dishonest brokers weren’t standing in the way.

The thing you should be most afraid of this Halloween is Paul Ryan’s new job

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There are few things you could go as for Halloween that are scarier than Paul Ryan’s agenda.
Israeli flag

Israel’s strategy for de-escalating violence isn’t working

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Amid another round of violence in Israel, the question of who started it is less important than how it will end.

California activists are suing the Forest Service for letting Nestle illegally extract water

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Nestle’s permit to extract water in California expired in 1988.

As America’s infrastructure crumbles, water privatization becomes more likely

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Why manage our own natural resources when corporations are willing to do it for us (for insane profits)?

Barack Obama is the new Ronald Reagan

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Uncomfortable parallels between Obama and the Gipper.
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