Jonah Allon
Jonah Allon is a senior at Tufts University from New York City. He has worked for the New York League of Conservation Voters and was a volunteer on President Obama's 2012 campaign. He primarily writes on the environment, reproductive rights and public policy.

Obamacare didn’t give us Trump. TV did.

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The road to Trump was paved long ago.
Donald Trump

How Donald “Rapists and Murderers” Trump is forcing the GOP to ratchet up the crazy

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Donald Trump has changed the Republican primary for the worse.

Abortion opponents in Texas backhandedly claim “pro-women” victory after latest TRAP law upheld

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Encouraging women to take unhealthy risks with their reproductive health is not “safe.”

Why are the Clintons such scandal magnets?

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Scandal double-standards aside, she’s got a campaign to run.

Scott Walker doesn’t care about women

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Writing abortion legislation that’s more concerned for rapists than their pregnant victims isn’t “cool.”
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