James Neimeister
James Neimeister is a freelance writer from Ohio. His interests include: Russia, Ukraine, education, technology, and "cyberspace."

How Russia rejected its latest anti-gay law, and what its failure means

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Why this is both less and more important than you think.

How Republican-led states are rigging energy markets

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“Free market” capitalists selling fossil fuels seem to have a problem with competition from solar power.

What a climate deal in Paris might actually accomplish

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Specifics aside, its precedent will likely be huge.

Meet the activists who would co-op(t) the tech industry

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As tech becomes increasingly powerful, workers are looking to take on — and ownership of — the platforms.

The media are not always an activist’s friend

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Activists have always had conflicts with media.

Conservatives have their own PC culture

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And it punches down in defense of existing power structures.

George Will’s mental acrobatics on poverty and climate change

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George Will vs. Pope Francis on climate change and the vices of capitalism. The Pope wins.

CONFIRMED: Scott Walker is a Labrador

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Sources close to the Wisconsin governor say it will help him with the whole “diversity” thing.

We already track some visitors “like FedEx packages.” It works terribly.

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If Chris Christie had done even a little homework, he’d know that we already track many foreign nationals.
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