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Is it time to divest from the LGBTQ Task Force?

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The Task Force’s attempt to whitewash the historic support of US and Israeli Jews for LGBTQ rights is offensive.

GOP prez candidates criticize Bundy seditionists

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Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul all distanced themselves from the armed anti-government militiamen in Oregon.

The Bundy insurrection isn’t an “occupation,” it’s terrorism

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Armed anti-government activists have taken over a federal building in Oregon, and published goodbye videos.

Brits furious over Hillary’s “misappropriation” of English language

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The UK has recalled its ambassador to Washington over Hillary’s cultural misappropriation of the English language.

Dear Oberlin students: Oregano is not a civil right

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The civil rights movement wasn’t about how much oregano the food service uses on “Italian Night.”

Exclusive: McCain Economic Strategy Memo’s Margin Notes

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According to the Politico’s Jonathan Martin: John McCain’s campaign is considering a series of tactics intended to focus attention on the Republican’s effort to address ...

WARNING – Nothing on your laptop is private

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From Wired’s Threat Level blog: Federal agents at the border do not need any reason to search through travelers’ laptops, cell phones or digital cameras for evidence of ...

David Vitter should have spent money on driving school

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Not on prostitutes. Check out this video of David Vitter. Be sure to watch all the way through. I think someone needs to go back to drivers ed.

McCain and Greenspan go way back.

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Chris wrote yesterday about Mr Bubble’s endorsement of John McCain. I couldn’t let this moment pass without noting that Greenspan and McCain’s paths have crossed before: ...
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