Holly Blackler
Holly Blackler is a University student in the final year of her degree, which is a double major in Political Science and Philosophy with a minor in Media. She writes on a variety of things, but focuses on social issues and international events.

Pop stars in Democratic politics

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Katy Perry just changed her Twitter avatar to match Hillary Clinton’s logo, continuing a trend.

Reddit is imploding after firing AMA coordinator

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With no working line of communication between the site and its community, many subreddits are shutting down.
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America doesn’t treat the people in its prisons like people, and everyone’s losing

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When we don’t treat the people in our prisons like actual people, everyone loses.

With fifth installment, Shrek has become what it originally mocked

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Profit for profit’s sake is ruining a classic franchise.

Younger generations aren’t silent

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One subreddit’s insights into the economic angers and frustrations of today’s youth.
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