Chris Walker
Chris Walker has been a political writer for more than ten years, contributing freelance opinion pieces to several online publications as well as managing his own blog, Political Heat, for more than six years. With a B.A. in Political Science and Journalism, Chris tries to bring a unique angle to every article he produces, including Millennial perspectives on the issues he's covering. Chris resides in Madison, Wisconsin, and proudly owns both a cheesehead and stock in the Green Bay Packers.

Which Americans are really at risk of being victims of religious violence?

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Religious violence is a growing problem in America, with Muslims on the receiving end.

How Trump’s “Muslims gone wild” rhetoric is helping terrorism worldwide

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Bad foreign policy is good GOP politics.

Donald Trump’s “toothpaste politics”

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Trump lies faster than the media, and his opponents, can keep up.

Conservative plans for holy war are (obviously) un-American

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Religious pluralism in US foreign policy predates the Constitution.

“Pro-life” Jeb Bush would kill Baby Hitler

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A silly question that exposes a serious hole in “pro-life” logic.

GOP candidates blame the media for the monster they created during last night’s debate

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It isn’t a “gotcha” question to ask about a candidate’s past positions and statements.

Paul Ryan wants time off for his new job that he doesn’t think American families deserve

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Paul Ryan wants time off for his new gig as Speaker that he doesn’t think American families deserve.

It’s time to amend the Second Amendment

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If gun evangelists insist on misinterpreting the Second Amendment, let’s make it clearer.

Ted Cruz vs. the Pope on the death penalty. Guess who wins?

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Jesus wasn’t too big on the concept of “an eye for an eye.”
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