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An American in Paris, France. BA in History & Political Science from Ohio State. Provided consulting services to US software startups, launching new business overseas that have both IPO’d and sold to well-known global software companies. Currently launching a new cloud-based startup. Full bio here.

Weekend cooking – Gougères (video)

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I’m generally not much for baking, but these are easy enough even for me to prepare.

Weekend cooking – gazpacho (video)

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Who wants to turn on an oven and cook when it’s hot outside?

Weekend cooking – Italian lemon granita (video)

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Beat the heat with an Italian ice.

Weekend cooking – Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Recipe (pasta with oil and garlic – video)

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Pressed for time and need another easy meal in minutes? Here you go.

Weekend cooking – chicken tagine with preserved lemons (video)

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Staying with the Moroccan theme, it’s a delicious tagine today.

Weekend cooking – Moroccan preserved lemons (video)

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A quick recipe for preserving lemons, Moroccan style.

Weekend cooking – Southern deviled eggs (video)

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Can a summer picnic be a summer picnic without them?

102 year old celebrates her birthday with a parachute jump (video)

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Coolest. Grandma. Ever.

Weekend cooking – pasta arrabbiata (video)

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Nobody has much free time to cook a meal, but you do with this one.
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