Chris Andoe
Chris Andoe is an author and seasoned activist. After meeting John Aravosis at a Chicago “” protest in 2000, Chris was inspired to organize his own major demonstrations in St. Louis, which drew national attention. Since then, his activism has revolved around LGBT, affordable housing, and mass transit issues. In 2011 Andoe made headlines taking on the amorphous hacker group Anonymous for publishing nude photos of a Bay Area Rapid Transit spokesperson, saying “Puritanical shame-based tactics have no place in the capital of sexual liberation”, and he extensively covered San Francisco's jarring gentrification, from mass evictions to the nudity ban. Andoe was on the ground in Ferguson at the height of the unrest, recording events as they unfolded. Always in the fray, Andoe’s been interviewed by NPR, CBS, and has been quoted from CNN to The St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Our Chris Andoe, on the death of his dog Sophie

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“We’d make our end of life decision when she no longer enjoyed the things she loved, that day was yesterday.

A hot gay mess in St. Louis

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Chris Andoe takes a queer look at a gay old town: St. Louis.

A beautiful story of love and marriage in the wake of Prop 8’s demise

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The story of how our writer, Chris Andoe, married his longtime boyfriend, Damon An Harris, last week in SF.

SF Pride is not exempt from city’s new “nudity ban” (told you so)

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San Franciscans were assured the new morality legislation wouldn’t apply to Pride – it does.
SF's Castro Theatre

San Francisco’s Winter of Wiener

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San Francisco’s Summer of Love has fallen to the Winter of Wiener: A Cold Season for the Counterculture.

SF Bans Public Nudity: The Rise of the Fig Leaf

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Move over Peoria, Toledo, and the 88,000 other US cities that ban public nudity, and make way for San Francisco.

The right to bare arms in SF

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The Castro’s Old Guard goes out with a bang, taking on San Francisco’s new law that would ban public nudity.

Remembering 9/10: How the GOP hated NYC until it was politically expedient to love it

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On September 10, 2001 — the day before we were attacked — New York City was a long-reviled place in the hearts of Republicans, right along with Chicago, San Francisco and ...

Romney, Ryan and the post-truth age

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I used to rent an old boat for the day and explore the Mississippi just north of St. Louis. Once the rental guy warned me the anchor on the boat wasn’t quite right- but said just ...
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