Charles Kinnaird
Charles Kinnaird is one of those English Majors who went on to find gainful employment in the varied fields of teaching, social services, and healthcare. He makes his home in the South with his family along with a menagerie of pets. His writing interests, as seen on his blog, Not Dark Yet (, include politics, spirituality, social commentary, and striving toward the common good.

Gun violence in America: the fires of Moloch

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Our tolerance of the loss of innocent lives due to gun violence should be as abhorrent to us as child sacrifice.

Harper Lee and the hero’s journey

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Taken together Go Set a Watchman and To Kill a Mockingbird show Harper Lee’s evolution as a writer and person.

A white southerner takes another look at racism

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It is easy for the white majority to miss the evidence of persistent systemic and cultural racism in America.

Looking back on the benefits of a liberal arts education

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Life is more than your first job. Education should be, too.
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