Gun violence, what can be done — with trauma doc Chethen Sathya

Today’s guest on the UnPresidented podcast is Dr. Chethen Sathya, a pediatric trauma surgeon who is the Director of the Gun Violence Prevention Center at Northwell Health, the largest system of hospitals and outpatient clinics in New York.

Northwell is doing a big push on gun violence prevention, highlighted by fighting for funds in the infrastructure bill that go to gun violence prevention programs like the one at Northwell.

As we’re not seeing a spike in crime so much as a spike in gun crime right now, Dr. Sathya is a perfect guest¬† to discuss what Northwell’s doing, what we all should be doing, why the US is unique among high income countries, and the financial, personal and emotional cost of this scourge. And afterwards, we talk about the latest on Afghanistan and Covid.

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