Trump was planning a coup, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs feared

Today’s big story, and the topic of our latest UnPresidented podcast, is the news, from a new book by two top Washington Post reporters, that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, our country’s top career military official, was so convinced that Donald Trump was planning a violent military takeover of our country following his election loss last November, that Milley reached out to other senior Pentagon officials to plan for how they would defeat Trump’s coup if in fact it happened.

This is a stunning revelation. Even though it corroborates what a lot of us already suspected, that Trump was planning a coup, it’s still shocking to hear the same concerns from someone as experienced and professional as Milley. To think that in the United States of America our most senior military official had to implement contingency planning to stop a coup d’├ętat, it’s simply horrifying.

And not only has the threat not abated, it’s grown worse. At least during the attempted Insurrection on January 6, many Republican members of Congress spoke out against the attempt to violently overthrow our government. But now, they embrace it. They’re making excuses for it. They’re calling the domestic terrorists heroes, while disparaging the US Capitol police and DC’s own police force as lawless thugs. And all the while, Donald Trump, with the help of Fox News, Newsmax and OAN, continues to push the story that the election was stolen. This is not only a recipe for future violence, but like Mein Kampf, it’s a playbook for what’s to come.

As an aside, General Milley also repeatedly invoked Nazi Germany to describe what Trump was doing. Just really shocking all around.

Anyway, that’s today’s show. I think you’ll find it illuminating.

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