Tell the Super-rich to pay their fair share

SIGN ON NOW: Don’t let billionaires hoard wealth while the rest of America struggles to get by – make the super-rich pay more in taxes!

AMERICAblog has joined Daily Kos, MeidasTouch, OccupyDemocrats, People for the American Way, and many more demanding that the super-rich pay their fair share. Won’t you add you name?

ProPublica recently published a stunning report laying bare what we’ve long known to be true: The very wealthiest in our society have manipulated our tax code – and gotten away with it because it’s perfectly legal – to end up paying very little or nothing in taxes. In fact, the investigation found that the nation’s 25 richest Americans “saw their worth rise a collective $401 billion from 2014 to 2018,” but “paid a total of $13.6 billion in federal income taxes in those five years,” a total that “amounts to a true tax rate of only 3.4%.”

This true tax rate of 3.4% is much lower than the everyday working American pays in their share of taxes – and for what? So billionaires can buy a second yacht or jet? Or worse, so they can charter their own private rocket to space? If every member of the super-rich class paid what they are supposed to pay in taxes, the lives of everyday Americans would improve in immeasurable ways. The social safety net would allow Americans the security to start small businesses, take bold career risks, and establish better lives for their children. And those billionaires? Absolutely nothing in their day-to-day lives would change if they paid the same tax rate as you – they’d still be impossibly rich.

The top 1% should no longer be allowed to hoard wealth while the rest of America is struggling to get by. But the only way bold change like this will happen is if grassroots activists like you speak out. So please, sign on now and DEMAND the super-rich pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes so we can all prosper in the economy and have a better quality of life!

If you agree, please sign the petition.

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