No, Tucker Carlson isn’t being spied on by the NSA

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is in a tizzy, alleging that the National Security Agency (NSA) is secretly spying on him because — get this — the NSA wants to cancel Tucker’s TV show.

Yes, one of the most powerful spy agencies in the world is busying itself with Tucker Carlson’s TV show.

What’s actually likely happening is that Tucker tried to schedule an interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin, and some of the Russians were probably being spied on (rightfully) by the NSA. Anyway, that’s one of our topics in today’s podcast.

Another big topic is the latest on Covid. The state of Missouri, run by Republicans of course, is facing a growing outbreak of Covid, and state officials are simply not taking it seriously. We chat a while about that.

We also get into Trump’s bogus lawsuit against Twitter and Facebook.

And finally, there are two new book out about Trump that are pretty hilarious, if you consider the leader of the free world being a moron funny. We get into that too.

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