Republicans panic over Chauvin conviction

I’ve been watching the fallout from the Derek Chauvin verdict. As you know, Chauvin is the police officer convicted on three counts of killing George Floyd after pushing his knee against Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds, ultimately killing him. It’s been remarkable, but perhaps not surprising, to see how upset many of the loudest Republicans are at Chauvin’s conviction.

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First up, leave it to Fox News to watch the Derek Chauvin verdict and feel outraged that the man was convicted of what was obviously an unnecessary and negligent death. No, Tucker — and no, Candace — jury trials are not “mob justice.” They’re simply justice.

Tucker was so upset by Chauvin’s conviction that he had a meltdown when a guest had the temerity to disagree with him:

Not to be left out, right-wing agitator Ben Shapiro jumped on the bandwagon, claiming that Chauvin was convicted because the media and politicians launched an “enormous pressure campaign.” Now, my friend Lindsay Beyerstein argues that it in fact was public pressure that led to the indictment and prosecution of Derek Chauvin, and that may be the case. But Chauvin was ultimately convicted because he was clearly guilty, and the evidence proved it. Regardless, why is the far-right so upset about this particular case? The killing of George Floyd was so outrageous and unnecessary — why take a stand on this case?

Meanwhile, QAnon loon Marjorie Taylor Greene, who’s actually a sitting member of Congress from Georgia, weighed in, and managed to craft quite a conspiracy theory out of the fact that there was no violence last night following the verdict. According to Greene, the fact that DC was “quiet” last night, and literally nothing happened, proves how violent Black people are, and how legitimately scared white people are of Black people.

I still want to know what happened to Alan Dershowitz.

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