Everything you wanted to know about Obamacare

On today’s show we have Charles Gaba, the editor of ACASignups, one of the top Web sites out there for detailed data about the Affordable Care Act, aka ACA, aka Obamacare. Charles joins us in an almost two-hour episode to talks about:

1. What is Obamacare? Who does it benefit, and what are the details of what it does and what subsidies it provides?

2. The details of the upcoming Supreme Court decision that might strike down the ACA. What are the options for what the court might do, and how will each affect Obamacare’s survival. AND, what can Congress do to fix it?

3. Next steps for health care reform in America, from Obamacare 2.0 (what Biden can do to expand Obamacare), to Medicare for All and improving Medicare’s own coverage.

This is an in-depth episode that ran long, but that’s because the topic is so interesting, important and detailed.

Let us know what you think.

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