What really caused Texas’ massive power outage

Texas is currently suffering from a massive power outage affecting millions of homes during a freak winter storm that’s brought temperatures below freezing. An image shared on Twitter, showing a dripping kitchen faucet that froze overnight, demonstrates how dire the situation is for many families:

Republicans, including their mouthpiece Fox News, are now lying about what happened in Texas in order to undermine clean energy and Democrats (even though Republicans run the state).

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They’re claiming the Green New Deal (that hasn’t even passed Congress yet), and its author, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, caused the power outage, because — Republicans claim — wind power in the state broke down during the storm. In fact, it was wind, natural gas and nuclear that all shut down. Why? Because Texas believes in deregulation, and the state’s power industry never weatherproofed their energy production/distribution since winters tend to be mild in the state, and weatherproofing would have cut into their profits. One bad winter storm, and the entire thing came crashing down.

Take the example of Texas’ Republican Governor Greg Abbott. Abbott is telling Texans the truth, that the biggest problem was natural gas pipelines freezing:

But Abbott is also telling Fox News that it’s Democrats and the Green New Deal that caused the outage:

Fox News, across its shows, is also blaming wind power, green energy, and Democrats:

And far-right members of Congress are dutifully playing into the big lie as well:

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