Texans are freezing to death, so Ted Cruz ran off to Cancun

A series of winter storms collapsed Texas’ power grid, cutting off electricity — and heating — to millions of Texans as temperatures plummeted below freezing, with more storms were on the way.

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So what did US Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) do? He fled the state and went to Cancun, where the weather is hot and the margaritas icy.

Now, before anyone says “what could Ted Cruz do about a natural disaster?”, let me share with you what US Senators and their staff are supposed to do during such crises.

It was August 18, 1992. I was a legislative assistant to US Senator Ted Stevens, and in Alaska for work. I was heading with my friend Rob Maguire to his sister’s house just outside of Anchorage on an otherwise fine day, weather-wise, when we noticed some dark clouds on the horizon. It looked like a bad storm brewing. But soon, the ever-encroaching dark clouds covered one-third of the sky, and it looked like the blackest storm you’d ever seen. I remember the words “Biblical” came out of my mouth, it was so creepily black, and, had a very fine, odd border between the black clouds and the bright sky in front of it.

I think we turned on the radio to check the weather, and heard that a nearby volcano, Mount Spurr, had erupted, and its ashes were heading towards Anchorage.

Mount Spurr.

I don’t recall how long it took, but eventually the clouds engulfed the entire sky, and it was blacker than you’ve ever seen. The thing is, there are no stars, no moon, no light in the sky at all. It was unlike any night you’d ever seen, and creepy as hell. And, of course, this is Alaska in summer, so it was still daytime — but it was now pitch black out….

You can read the rest of my story over at CyberDisobedience, thanks.

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