Coronavirus 101 with Dr. Gregg Gonsalves of Yale

Today’s guest on the UnPresidented Podcast is Yale epidemiologist Gregg Gonsalves, who specializes in infectious diseases, particularly HIV/AIDS (Gregg was a member of the AIDS activist group ACT UP all the way back in the late ’80s). Greg teaches at Yale and is also a 2018 recipient of the MacArthur Foundation “Genius” grant.

Cliff and I talk to Gregg about everything Coronavirus, including: Trump’s bungling of the crisis from day one; the role of the CDC and whether Fauci and Brix are doing a good job; what should the US’ response have been all the way back in December; whether we should all be wearing masks and why we don’t have any; how the various states have been handling this and whether we can really expect the quarantine to end in two months; comparisons between the government’s response to the Coronavirus and the AIDS epidemic; whether Covid-19 is ending this summer or hitting us with another round this fall, and possibly even becoming a year problem; why pandemics like this come only every 100 years (at least in the case of the Spanish Flu and the Coronavirus); and when it will be safe for anyone who lives alone to ever have sex again. We get into a lot more as well, and spoke for a good hour. Just a really fascinating and educational discussion. I highly recommend this one. 

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