Dr. Sam Wang in one of the most accessible Coronavirus interviews you’ll listen to

Sam Wang is an American professor, neuroscientist, psephologist (election forecaster) and author, and he knows more than a thing or two about Coronavirus modeling, gerrymandering, and elections overall (we got into Wisconsin, among other topics). And he’s also an expert on the human brain! We got into all of this in today’s episode.

With regards to the Coronavirus, we talked with Sam about the difficulty of re-opening the economy, and whether we might just get hit with another wave of virus from states that didn’t shut down (Sam said yes). We also asked whether he thinks the virus is coming back for another round in the fall (again, yes). And I asked what my 90 year old mom should do, and people like me who have asthma, once the economy reopens, say next month — do we have to remain on guard forever? Sam said we’re not entirely in the clear.

He’s a fun, engaging, and quite accessible expert. Because a good deal of the podcast deals with the Coronavirus, we’re going to make this episode free, below. We would just like the information to be readily available to help folks. But if you’d like to support our work, and hear our other episodes, please become a subscriber over at Patreon, thanks.

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