If Bernie Sanders is the frontrunner, then Hillary Clinton is president

Political reporters have been claiming that Bernie Sanders tied Pete Buttigieg in Iowa, and won New Hampshire. If that’s true, then Hillary Clinton is president.

Bernie Sanders won the popular vote in Iowa, but lost the delegate count to Pete Buttigieg, who got 13 delegates to Sanders’ 12.

Bernie Sanders then won the popular vote in New Hampshire, but according to the best estimates, tied Pete Buttigieg in delegates earned, with 9 each.

That means that Sanders, the man many in the media call “the clear Democratic frontrunner,” has fewer total delegates than Pete Buttigieg: Buttigieg has 23, Sanders 21. That means Sanders is currently losing to Buttigieg. So how is Sanders the frontrunner?

If you extrapolate this out to the entire Democratic primary season, will the media claim that Sanders won the nomination even if Buttigieg or Amy Klobuchar beat him in total delegates? No.

It may not be fair, but we have a screwy way of picking nominees and presidents. The popular vote is irrelevant. You need to win the delegates, and then the electoral votes. If you don’t, you lose.

No one is going to call Bernie Sanders our eventual nominee if he loses the delegate count to another candidate. Nor will they call him President if he loses the electoral vote to Trump. Then why aren’t they using the same standard to call Iowa a loss for Sanders, and New Hampshire a tie?

If Bernie Sanders is the Democratic frontrunner, then Hillary Clinton is president.

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