Journalism Dies at Northwestern

Northwestern University is home to one of the top journalism schools in the country. That’s why a lot of people are up in arms over the student paper, the Daily Northwestern, publicly apologizing for committing an act of journalism.

You see, the paper covered a student protest of a speech by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the students were triggered that their protest was covered at all, and now the paper’s editors are on bended knee, show-trial style, begging forgiveness for “traumatizing” the protesters via an act of simple journalism.

The story has caused quite an uproar online, particular among mainstream journalists appalled at the paper’s abdication of every tenet of journalism. In this excerpt of today’s UnPresidented podcast episode, Cliff and I delve into the story and why we think it matters.

Below is the long excerpt of our show dealing with the Northwestern issue. To hear the entire hour-long show — which also delves into the latest on impeachment — and to help keep independent media ad-free, please become a subscriber over at Patreon.

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