Norm Ornstein makes the case for impeachment

Congressional scholar Norm Ornstein joins us for a really interesting discussion on impeachment, and the never-ending Trump scandals. Ornstein talks with us about the origins of tribalism and Republican extremism, going all the way back to Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh and the rise of Fox News.

We then segue into a discussion of how Donald Trump’s incessant corruption is forcing us to lose our sense of moral outrage, and that’s how countries slide towards autocracy.

Ornstein then discusses why he thinks Democrats should immediately being an impeachment “inquiry,” rather than actual impeachment itself, and he offers a detailed glimpse of how that should be done. (He also mentions that Dems should start by impeaching Wilbur Ross and Bill Barr.) Overall just a fascinating discuss I know you’re going to love.

Below is a 13-minute clip of the hour-and-21-minute show. To hear the entire interview, and help keep our podcast ad free, please become a patron over at Patreon.

Image of Norm Ornstein via New America.

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