Ian Dunt on Brexit, European elections, and fighting demagogic populism

Brexit is still in chaos, and things didn’t get any clearer with the results of the European Parliament elections, that seemed to hand victory to populists across the board, both pro- and anti- Brexit. Joining us again on the UnPresidented Podcast to tell us what all of this means is British political pundit Ian Dunt, the author of “Brexit: What the hell happens nows?,” editor of Politics.co.uk, and co-host of the Remainiacs podcast.

Among other things, we talk to Ian about whether there’s any kind of synergy, or possible cooperation, between the anti-Brexit movement in the UK and anti-Trumpist forces in the US. The pro-Brexit and pro-Trump forces seem to be working hand in hand, why can’t we as well? Cliff and I also end with a discussion of whether Term Limits could be used as a weapon against Trumpism and other forms of executive branch extremism. After all, if members of Congress weren’t afraid of their primaries, they might be more willing to stand up to an over-reaching president or even their fellow members of Congress.

Below is a 17-minute excerpt of the hour and 22 minute podcast. To hear the entire show, and help keep UnPresidented ad free, please become a patron over at Patreon.

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