“Beyond Burger” Taste Test — Does a plant-based burger taste like real meat?

The Beyond Burger is a new plant-based fake hamburger that allegedly tastes just like the real thing. Well, I saw some Beyond Burger today at the local grocery story, and in spite of the ridiculously high price ($12/pound) I bought two patties and decided to fry em up as an experiment to see just how good this stuff really is. (The TV reports I’ve seen have been quite surprised by how real it is.)

In a nutshell, the stuff looks pretty gross, and cooks pretty funny, but it tasted awfully good. Even if it ended up looking more like a salmon cake than a hamburger, it tasted like a pretty darn tasty burger. Though it also left me with a really heavy feeling in my stomach, like I just ate a whole lot of oil. That doesn’t happen when I eat a hamburger, but just one of these “burgers” definitely has left me with a heavy, almost queasy, stomach (which for me happens only when I eat something super oily, like fried vegetables). Still, the flavor is surprisingly good, delicious even. Even if the texture of the cooked burger is maybe 90% there towards being like a real hamburger burger.

Other than the price, it’s surprisingly good. (And even lower in saturated fat than an 80% lean burger!)

Below is my video unboxing, cooking and tasting the Beyond Burger. Have you tried it yet? What do you think?

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