More than half of Trump’s new Twitter followers are fake

Donald Trump complained today in a meeting with Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey that he was losing followers on Twitter, and that his conservative friends were too. Trump complained that this was part of some Twitter-led conspiracy against Republicans.

In fact, most of Trump’s new followers on Twitters are fake troll accounts, and it’s likely that’s why Trump’s numbers are dropping — because Twitter is finally culling the herd of all the fake accounts plaguing the service.

A few weeks ago, I downloaded several hundred of Trump’s most recent followers. In order to determine which accounts were fake, I decided to be pretty conservative about it, no pun intended. Only accounts with 0 to 2 followers would be considered fake. Of Trump’s new Twitter followers, 56% — or one in two — are fake.

If you expand the list of fake accounts to include anyone with fewer than 10 followers, the number of Trump’s new followers who are fake totals 72%. And while some accounts with ten followers may be real, it’s at least interesting that nearly 3 out of 4 of Trump’s new followers have fewer than 10 followers.

Now, this problem isn’t unique to Trump. I checked Barack Obama’s feed, and it contains a lot of new fake accounts as well. So does my own Twitter feed. But this explains why Trump and his conservative “friends” might have noticed their follower numbers occasionally dropping. It happens when Twitter finally culls the herd of fake accounts.

Conspiracy solved.

Here are Trump’s new Twitter followers that I grabbed, in consecutive order, on March 15, 2019. Note how many appear fake, even beyond the ones I chose to note. (I haver many more beyond these few hundred. They’re just as bad.)

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