Joe Biden for President

Joe Biden has entered the race for president. And today’s UnPresidented podcast is all about Biden, where he stands on the issues, and how Biden’s candidacy affects Bernie Sanders and the other Democrats in the primary race.

Joe Biden, Surprisingly Progressive

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In researching Biden, I was surprised to find how much of an early adopter he’s been on issues like climate change, and even free college. Biden is pro-choice and drafted the Violence Against Women Act. He’s great on climate, opposes drilling in ANWR, and introduced Congress’ first-ever climate bill all the way back in 1986. Biden is anti-gun, pro-union/worker, and supported a $15 minimum wage in 2015 (before it was cool). In that same year, Biden also came out in support of free college (again, before it was cool), and has a 91% voting record from the National Education Association.

And in characteristic fashion, Joe Biden famously came out in favor of same-sex marriage while Vice President — even before his boss, President Obama. Biden’s move put pressure on Obama to finally come out in favor of gay marriage, which was a huge victory for LGBT people.

We discuss all that and more in our podcast below.

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Joe Biden’s Presidential Run, Discussed

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