The Obama legacy in the age of Trump, with former White House staffer Jesse Lee

Our good friend, and longtime colleague, Jesse Lee — current Vice President of Communications at the Center for American Progress Action Fund, former progressive outreach director for Speaker Pelosi (during her first tenure as speaker), and former special assistant to President Obama — joins us to talk about the Obama legacy in the age of Trump. Among the topics:

– How Obama’s legacy is aging, especially the ACA, but also the economy, the Iran Deal, and the environment.

– How Trump’s sole purpose at the start of his presidency was “to erase the first black president from the history books,” and how Obama may get the last laugh in 2021.

– Whether Obama could have done more on health care, the economy, and Russia’s attack on the election.

– The evil that is Mitch McConnell.

– Whether Nancy Pelosi is right about impeachment, and what Pelosi’s comments this week really meant.

It was a really interesting talk with a longtime insider who knows Obama, knows Pelosi, and was there for a lot of the top decisions in the Obama White House. Hope you enjoy.

Below is a 21-minute excerpt of the 1 hour 21 minute episode. To hear the entire show, and support our podcast, please become a patron over at Patreon.

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