The New Zealand attack and race, with British journalist Sunny Hundal

British journalist Sunny Hundal joins me on today’s UnPresidented podcast to talk about the horrific terrorist attacks against two mosques in New Zealand, and the overall issue of race and the worldwide rise of white extremism.

Sunny and I (Cliff is on vacation) also talk about the BBC’s Islamophobia, Chelsea Clinton being blamed for the NZ attacks, the importance of allies to the civil & human rights movement, the root causes of white extremism, an anti-LGBT crusade in the UK city of Birmingham, anti-Semitism in the British Labor party and why we must police our own, the impending Brexit, and what Sunny sees as the Left’s growing inability to tolerate dissent. I’ve known Sunny a long time. He’s an important voice in the UK on race issues, and I think you’ll enjoy hearing from him.

This is an 11-minute excerpt of the one hour and 5 minute episode. To hear the entire show, and support our podcast, please become a patron over at Patreon.

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