Paul Manafort gets off, the Omar anti-Semitism vote, Joe Biden & racism, and Trump 2020

In today’s episode:

– Cliff and I talk about the ridiculous slap on the wrist that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort got for massive tax fraud.

– That anti-Semitism resolution and the ongoing debate over Rep. Omar and the GOP’s ability to blow things up that they’re actually guilty of.

– Joe Biden’s comments on desegregation from 1975, and when we should and shouldn’t care what someone said or did decades ago if they’re good now on the issues we care about.

– And finally, increasing concerns that Trump won’t leave office in 2020 even if loses.

This is an 11-minute excerpt of the 1 hour 28 minute show. To hear the entire podcast, and support our work, please become a patron over at Patreon.

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