David Frum on immigration, impeachment, Brexit, AOC (he likes her!) and the Iraq War

We welcome back David Frum — a writer with the Atlantic, formerly of the GW Bush White House, and prominent Never-Trumper — to talk to the UnPresidented podcast about:

His new tour de force article about immigration.

What he thinks now about his then-support for the Iraq War as a top Bush aide.

His surprising praise of freshman member of Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Whether Pelosi is right about impeachment, and what the best way is to seek justice for Trump’s wrongdoings and put a stake through the heart of Trumpism for good.

The imminent Brexit deadline in the UK.

And the recent discussions about anti-Semitism.

After David leaves, Cliff and I also discuss at the length the recent controversy Alyssa Milano found herself in, and why we think it’s bogus.

We spoke with David for a good hour and 20 minutes. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Below is a 22-minute excerpt of the hour and 39 minute episode. To hear the entire podcast, and support our work, please become a patron over at Patreon.

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