Brexit for Dummies: An American’s guide to understanding Brexit

British writer, podcaster, and author of the book “Brexit: What The Hell Happens Now?”, Ian Dunt, joins us for Brexit 101, an American’s guide to what the heck all this Brexit talk really means.

In this podcast, which you can listen to below, Ian walks us through the basics of the UK’s relationship with the European Union; how the same lies and fears — and media both-sides-ism — that gave us Donald Trump also helped get Brexit passed at the ballot box; and whether Brexit is even going to happen, and what kind of economic damage the UK can expect if it does. A really interesting and accessible (and fun) conversations with one of the UK’s top experts on the Brexit. We think you’ll enjoy this one.

This is a bonus episode of our podcast, normally full episodes are behind our paywall. But with Brexit in the news this month, it seemed a good time to make the full interview public. (Originally recorded January 28, 2019.) To hear all our episodes, become a patron over at Patreon – thanks.

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